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Third 10 Jokes

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1 - In the pool 

This is the story of two boys trying to swim. One said to the other:
- I have good news and bad news.
- Start with the good, says the other boy.
- The good news is that according to the thermometer, the water has to warm up two degrees.
- And what's the bad news?
- It's not because of the sun ...

 2 - On the street 

In the street, a man asks Mrs Dupont:
- You would not have seen a policeman?
- I Do Not.
- Then give me your purse.

 3 - In the great ocean 

In the great ocean, a small wave is in love with the wind.
It asks tenderly
- You want me to make you a squall? or a hurricane?
- Oh no, I just want a little kiss ...

 4 - A plane 

In aircraft has reached its cruising altitude, the captain plug the microphone and announced to the passengers: "Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached our cruising altitude is 12,000 m altitude outside temperature is -60. degrees and our speed of Mach 1. " Then, unfortunately, he forgets to disconnect the microphone and told the co-pilot: "Continue alone to drive the machine I'm going to go take a piss, and then I'll skip my little hostess who just arrived in. our company ... "Red confusion, the hostess heard this monologue from the bottom of the cab back row of the plane to go and inform the commander of the big blunder. Then, in the middle of the cabin, an old lady down our hostess and said, "Gently, you have the time my little one, he said he first went to the bathroom!"

Third 10 Jokes

 5 - In a living

In the chat:
- Luc why hovels you still your foot?
- This is to prevent the wolves from approaching Robert.
- But there are no wolves here!
- You see, my thing works!

 6 - In an art gallery 

A painter goes to the gallery exhibited his works to gauge the interest in his paintings from art lovers.
The site manager explains bluntly:
-In Fact, I have good news and bad news for you. The good news is that an investor came the other day to an overall assessment of the works you present here. He asked us if your paintings take in value after your demise.
- And what did you say to him, asks the painter?.
- We told him no doubt, the prices of your works would double after death ... And he bought the 18 paintings on display.
- Excellent reacts painter!. And the bad news then?
The gallery owner said, a little hesitantly
- Well, is that this buyer, it is your GP!

 7 - Ask for his daughter 

The pretender Sylvie goes to see his father to ask the hand of his daughter:
- Mr. I want to marry your daughter.
- Have you seen my wife?
- Yes, but I prefer your daughter!

 8 - Devinnette rally 

How do you call a blind gathering?
The Cannes Film Festival ...

 9 - Sleeping with the window open 

Two men talking in a bar:
- It's good for your health to sleep with the window open!
- Why? You are a doctor?
- No, I'm burglar.

 10 - Funny Type

It's two types in the shower after a game of tennis ...... The first remark that the second has a huge cap down between the buttocks.

He said:
- Hey, did you see? You got a plug in the ass!
-.. Yes, yes, I know "replies the other, sighing That day before yesterday, I had yelled at my wife and I went out for a walk to calm down Walking, I mechanically kicked in an old oil lamp rusty.
- So what?
- Then a funny guy came out and started yelling "Hi, I'm Leo genius ... you have freed me ... I grant a wish."
- So what?
- So I answered annoyed: "Do not make me shit, OK!"


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